Dare To Wear: Lip Prints Trend

lip print trendSaint Laurent revisited the  Spring/Summer 2011 Prada lip print collection in 2014. The lip prints trend is one of those would you ever trends! I’m very particular with my prints so i’m not a fan. Would you ever wear lip prints anything, clothes, bag, or shoes?

See more of the lip prints trend below and cast your vote.

Lip Prints TrendThis lip print Prada long sleeve dress is hot,  does the lip print get a pass for this one? Would you rock these lip print SB Nike kicks?

Nike Kiss Edition $60


How about this Betsey Johnson Tote?

Betsey Johnson, $43

And how can we forget the infamous lip print shirt, we’ve all seen lip print tops on the sales racks.  Would you pick one up?


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