How To Get A Bowl Cut

How To Get a Bowl Cut

A bowl cut, also known as a helmet haircut or a mushroom cut, is  really just a short hair style  with straight bangs on the front and the rest of the hair is the same length all the way around in the shape of a bowl.  A bowl cut is also known for being a cheap and easy haircut often sported by children back in the 60s. These days, celebs have taken this retro look and updated it.

We’ve seen gals like Rihanna and Robyn give the Toni Braxton 90s do a do over, experimenting with length, color, and volume. Here are some of the different looks and a how to get a bowl cut yourself treat! Enjoy and be careful with those scissors, for the best results take a pic and show it to your hairstylist :).

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How To Get A Bowl Cut

1. The different adaptations of the bowl cut  is a perfect way to show off flawless skin and pretty eyes.

2. Start measuring up your bangs to desired length.

3. Part your hair in 2 and section off the amount of hair in the back that you want to shave off/down.

4. After the back is shaved, continue to part and layer the top into an even bowl shape until it fades into a bang.

5.  Watch videos below for visuals.