Is Your Lifestyle Habits Causing Premature Aging?

premature aging

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it takes a lot of abuse. Constantly exposed to the elements, it is constantly being tortured, no wonder some people experience premature aging. I have met people who told me they were in their 20s and i had already assumed they were close to 40, geez…now that is terrible!

Premature aging is not normal. Do you really want that to happen to you, well it’s not too late. If you are on a fashion quest,  you should want more than glam. If you’re body isn’t up to par, how fab are you?

Go see if you are guilty of the following bad habits.


Many of us think tanning is  great and should be a part of our routine daily life, as per the Jersey Shore cast.  A tan is often seen as  attractive and as an outward sign of good health. Some might even say the darker you tan, the better you look. NOT! What people do not know is that a tan is actually a sign of skin damage. Skin cells that have been damaged by (UV) radiation produce more of the pigment melanin and that is what produces the tan (source MedicineNet). Researchers say that the long-term effects of tanning (which include tanning beds) leads to premature aging and wrinkles, developing malignant melanoma and other cancers of the skin. 

                                                                  Popping pimples:

I always heard people say, don’t pop a pimple, control the urge, but i tell you it can be the hardest thing not to do, especially when that pimple is just sitting there becoming this planet on your face. However, picking can actually make the pimple worse and lead to permanent scarring, leaving you with irreparable holes in your face making you look older. Squeezing or trying to pop a pimple causes pus and bacteria to filter deeper into the skin, resulting in more collagen damage, according to Ron Moy, MD, professor of dermatology at UCLA. Therefore, you must practice better ways to deal with your pimples or acne removal. There are so many new innovative products on the market that gives you clinically clearing results without the trauma to your skin , such as acne light treatment, acne light therapy, and an acne removal system. 

Sleeping  in makeup:

Makeup can actually trigger acne. One of the key components of clear skin is good circulation– it allows the skin to breathe in oxygen, and breathe out toxins. Without proper circulation, bacteria can get trapped inside of the skin and fester, causing breakouts. While there is a great Acne Removal System out there that everybody loves and products on the market to treat acne, prevention is better than cure. Acne spots make skin look older and damaged. 

                                          Not sleeping:                                                                      
No matter how tough it is getting to bed at nights, it is very important because your skin rejuvenates while you sleep. Ever heard, “she looks burned out”. That is exactly what it means to be up all night and not sleep. You begin to look pale and washed up. You will develop dark circles under your eyes and bags, then before you know it your headed for a chemical peel. Which in my opinion is not good for your skin either. Wash your face before bed and try to get 7-8 hoursa night.
Don’t drink or smoke:

Whether you smoke, or you spend time with a smoker, cigarette smoke is damaging and aging to your skin. Research has shown that exposure to cigarette smoke significantly increases skin wrinkles and dryness. Alcohol contributes to aging skin by dilating small blood vessels in the skin and increasing blood flow near the skin’s surface.

Separate the myths from the facts. Learn exactly what healthy skincare is, what triggers acne and how to best avoid premature skin aging. It’s best to prevent than cure, but for those of you who have already started to see signs of premature aging, there are complimentary technologies that deliver a professional photofacial experience for luxurious, soft, smooth, glowing skin like anti-aging light therapy and anti-aging light treatment. These are all excellent and safe treatments that works from the inside-out to actually make your skin look younger.

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