Liquid Foundation vs Powder Foundation

Liquid Foundation vs Powder Foundation

Liquid foundation vs powder foundation, where do you stand? For those of you who have never thought about it, remember that  the proper foundation base can guarantee your skin a spotless look. That’s why it is important to choose the foundation that matches both your skin type and tone. Learn the benefits of different types of foundations, and choose the one that does the most for your complexion. The best way to avoid any skin irritation when it comes to makeup is to read the labels and opt for mineral formulas.

Some people go for liquid foundations because they want a dewy finish, while some prefer powder formulas because it provides thinner coverage that dries to a powder finish and helps control shine without giving you a mask feel. However, not all liquid foundations have to be obvious. It’s up to you to apply th right amount. The best thing about liquid foundations is the easy-to-handle application, it blends into the skin and act as a conditioning cream rather than a shield.

For the subtlest possible coverage, use tinted moisturizers or oil-free liquid foundations  in place of your heavier foundation. It is great for those who like the ‘no-makeup’ look  while evening out any flaws of the skin. Also, you won’t have to moisturize or use concealers separately.

See some of the best recommended liquid foundation vs powder foundation for your skin type.


Best Recommended for Oily Skin:



Top Buys

Laura Mercier, $42

MAKE UP FOR EVER Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation , $34

Best Recommended for Normal/Dry Skin:



Top Buys


Clinique Superbalanced Makeup , $22

,  $54

Top Buys


MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, $26

MAC  face+ Body foundation , $32