Style Feature of The Day: New Hipster Crystal Kasper

crystal kasper

Today’s style feature goes to fellow blogger Crystal Kasper of She describes herself as a New Hipster,  following popular trends and fashions, regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.  The Johannesburg native can be seen on her blog sporting popular names like Michael Kors, Henry Holland, Topshop, Zara, and many other brands fashionistas can appreciate and afford!!

Crystal Kasper is for the everyday girl, showing off her street friendly styles and versatility in outfits. She can be seen showing multiple ways to wear an item, giving readers the confidence to remix outfits and ideas. Her style is ever evolving, comfortable, and hip! Check her out and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


crystal kasper

The blogger wrote on her  blog, “I’ve recently been playing around with high bun hairstyles, I  really love the chic sleek complete look of it and to be honest I’ve been way to lazy to style my hair…”



 “Neutrals are the new staple in my wardrobe, I feel like it adds an element of mature, classic, minimalistic chic to my overall style.”


crystal kasper

“I have always been inspired by the class, sophistication and elegance that is the Chanel brand, so you can imagine my excitement upon receiving this tweed inspired jacket.    

Today I am wearing a white kapsule blazer which to me is a reminder of the Chanel tweed jacket, as well as a white with gold detailed shoulder bag, also reminiscent of Chanel.”

style feature

Because there aren’t many ways of wearing a poncho I decided to stray away from the norm and wore my poncho as a top which I belted at the waist to create an illusion of a peplum. I kept the rest of my outfit rather simple as the poncho was the focal point and hero of the outfit.”


Here, Crystal shows us three ways to wear the blue suede pump, casual, chic, and edgy!