The Best Nike Running Shoes Make You Feel Like an Olympian at Every Turn

If you’re craving some new shoes to fit your every-day running style, Nike’s biggest offering is the Flywire Ultra. The Nike Flywire Ultra takes the most innovative foam technology in Nike’s Nike Air series to the next level. Nylon midsole and Flywire-infused upper combine for incredible cushioning and agility. Available in men’s and women’s styles, the Flywire Ultra is also a key line of support shoes from Nike’s high-end, superlative running line, all ready to rock your summer wear. The Foamposite One looks like it could be your new go-to running shoe. Known for their unique UltraCush Elite midsole and rubber-matte technology, the foam has been a staple in high-performance shoes for years.

Over the past two decades, foam midsole has progressed from a bit of novelty to an integral part of many runners’ routines, which can be attributed to the fact that it provides excellent comfort and traction. The Foamposite One, which debuted in 2015, remains a top-tier shoe for the running public and has steadily been getting more popular since its initial release. We mentioned the Marangon already, so you’re probably aware of its potential. Designed in-house by French luxury brand Dior, the trainers have the look and feel of high-end runners, yet they’re so much more. At 5.8 ounces, the Marangon feels more stable and secure than any trainers, yet it still offers a remarkable number of support points. That foot-catching wing-like EVA footbed, which gives the trainers extra lift and support, comes in two different sizes: Women’s 20.3 (19.7-inch), and men’s 21.3 (19.6-inch). The Nike Air Trainer 1 is the newest member of the Nike running line, but it’s been built with running in mind.

The Air Trainer 1 is perfect for the work out, from its supportive fit to its low-maintenance design. Another product of the Air Series, this shoe features the original Air Unit technology, which is composed of a foam core, rubber ankle collar and Ultrasuede backing. Thanks to the innovative polyurethane insole, the Air Trainer 1 is extremely comfortable to wear. A sleek white mesh upper adds a bit of contrast and adds depth, making this minimalist shoe the ideal summer wardrobe staple. The classic Nike Air Tech 2 Low is a favorite among most hardcore runners and isn’t to be taken lightly.

All Nike footwear is made to perform and this low-cut running shoe was built for speed. Its air cushioning, which uses a molecular system of a mix of CFC, halon and NOS (Nitrous Oxide), helps boost your performance throughout your training and racing season. Built-in lightweight molded trainers make this runner comfortable to wear. And for those who want a little extra cushioning for those downpours, look to the Nike Air Tech 2 Mid.

The Nike Air Max series has been the #1 selling running shoe in the world for over a decade. Find the latest air max new releases from Their success can be attributed to several factors, including their lightweight, mid-sole and lightweight fit. The Nike Air Max 90, the newest addition to the collection, was released in February, 2018, and for 2018 it has the minimalist design and anti-gravity benefits that define the UltraTrac running shoe.