Trendspotting: The Side Part Braid

The Side Part Braid

The side part braid used to be considered anything but glamourous, but now the look is getting an upgrade  and fashionistas are rocking the do as they please. Stars like Cassie, Rihanna and Rosario Dawson went for the more semipermanent look by shaving one or both sides, but if you are not going for extreme edge a single side part braid will do! Get some inspiration from rocker-chics like Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart and even Khloe Kardashian.

Whether you choose to go straight, tousled or curly, the side part will add a little something to an otherwise ordinary hairstyle. The best part of it is that no matter your hair type you can rock it! Of course the type of braid is up to, you can do fishtail, cornrows, or inside out braids. There is nothing much to this hair style, but a bottle of mouse and some bobby pins. Go for it.

See our gallery and get some inspiration for the side part braid.

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