Trendspotting: Leather Sleeve Jackets

Leather Sleeve Jackets

Leather Sleeve Jackets are one of my fall faves. It all started when Alexander Wang‘s suede and leather motorcycle jacket hit the runway and changed the sleeve game up forever! Are you guys feeling the hybrid trend? For some of you, this look might be a little too much, but if you can wear those huge oversize army jackets, you can wear this fashion forward little piece! Soon you will have to purge your closet of all those crop tops and romp shakers and settle into something cozy and it might as well be this. When your outer layer is edgy, you can feel a bit more free to be sexy underneath.


This fall is all about mixing patterns and textures, so you will see all kinds of mixes popping up. You wont have to look too far to find a leather sleeve jacket you like. I have seen some great contenders. These leather sleeve jackets come in a variety of forms — military jackets, blazers, wool pea coats, varsity jackets, moto jackets, any kind of jacket you imagined! No matter what the fabric, i’m sure you can find a way to sport this look. Check out these styles inside.



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